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Our Rc car

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    01.http://img2.orkut.com/images/milieu/1/1213787033773/32174292/pt/Zpog0ya.jpg [Broken]
    How to post image here
    Its our rc car driven by 3.2 hpi engine 2 speed transmission system, bell crank steering mechanism , fuel use nitro+mthnol
    its a two stroke engine two wheel drive
    question:how to increase the pick up?Pick up is very low of our car.And also turning problem and too much vibration how to control vibration and chasis is of aluminum can u suggest other material?
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    Ranger Mike

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    need a photo to offer my worthless opinion
    r u having probs uploading a pic?
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    Img uploded suggest me
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    You really haven't given enough information for us to help you. It would help to know what fuel mix you are using (oil and ntiro content) along wit what engine your running, how much time on it, has the engine been tuned, etc.

    With what you said, I'm just going to suggest get a new engine or just buy a new RC car all together.
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