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Outsourcing of accounting/finance?

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    Why isn't there an accounting/financial service outsource frenzy?
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    There is no frenzy because the financial services started outsourcing around 2002-2003.


    Bank of America started in 04.

    http://www.networkworld.com/news/2004/0218bankofam.html?fsrc=rss-outsourcing [Broken]

    The rumor mill has it that a lot of the home forclosure and short sale data will be processed in India.
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    I remember reading last year that some bankers are migrating to Asia:


    I think people are just getting used to off-sourcing
    (and economically, in my opinion, it helps a lot to stem out the inefficient industries lot quicker so that resources can be used by more efficient sectors. So, it is not as evil as one might see.)
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    More efficient sectors?? Companies outsource because it is cheaper in India.

    About all we have left is a broken down auto industry and a couple of toilet paper factories. :smile:
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    I agree, you can achieve more with less through outsourcing and with real-time access to skilled people.
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    Some is getting outsourced, but according to the job outlook, accounting is expected to grow much faster than average:

    Perhaps due to the new health care law? Don't know, but accounting is my major because of the ease of finding a job in so many different fields.
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