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Oxygen flow conundrum

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    I am trying to solve an oxygen flow rate issue that has me confused.

    The goal is to have one portable oxygen cylinder (1500psi) provide 2 lines of oxygen at 15 litres/min.
    The current oxygen cylinder is fitted with a regulator and flow meter that provides 0-15 litres/min.

    I understand that if I were to simply attach a Y-connection I wouldn't get the full flow rate through each tube. However, cost if a factor and I am aiming to solve this without having to replace the regulator or flow meter.

    Is there a way? (It is fine if both oxygen lines provide the same oxygen output, however both should equal up to 15 litres/min.)
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    Welcome to PF.
    You seem to be suggesting that you could get two lots of 15l/minute from a single 15l/minute supply. That is clearly not possible so what exactly do you mean? You could try drawing a diagram, perhaps.
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    Thanks sophiecentaur. You're right that I need two 15L supplies. What I have is the oxygen with a regulator and flow meter and need to somehow provide two lines.

    It looks like the only possible way is to change the flow meter or have two flow meters. What do you think?
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    It looks like it to me, too!
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