P-V-T data for water

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    I would like to have P-V-T data for water in order to enter them in an Excel spreadsheet and design some exercises for the students to plot different kind of diagrams using the same data.
    I can generate the data using some suitable model, but I think that having real experimental data would be of additional educational value.
    I have not been able to find a publication with the data, such as a website or an Atlas I can buy.
    Any help?
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    I believe engineering toolbox site has some steam tables. Perhaps CRC handbook will have them as well?
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    Here is an interesting site: http://www.steamtablesonline.com/

    ASME has published tables and diagrams in the past.

    The IAWPS is one agency which develops formulas for water and steam properties, in order to standardize the values for the basic properties used in science and engineering.
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