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Paleontology Future?

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    I am a senior in high school. My focus of interest has always been on paleontology and ancient life for as long as I can remember. I am currently applying to colleges and am wondering what I should choose to major in. I was originally going to major in international business and minor in Chinese, but I recently realized that I have no interest in business whatsoever.

    I am planning to (hopefully) attend a graduate school of paleontology and try to earn a PhD., but I am unsure of what to major in that would allow me to successfully enter a graduate school. I am thinking about zoology or maybe geology, would either of these work? Or could I just major in whatever I wanted, take the prerequisites and the GRE and go to grad school? (I am keeping my minor in Chinese, as I am fascinated by Asian Culture as well).

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    If your school has Integrative Biology that would be good. I guess Bio in general would would work. Hope it helps keep the Chinese!
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