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Panel problem

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    I need have this problem check because I have a problem at the last question:

    the probability is 0.6 that a well driller will find a well of water at a depth less than 100 feet in a certain area. Wells are to be drilled for six new homeowners. Assue that finding a well of water at a depth of less than 100 feet is independent from drilling to drilling and that the probability is 0.6 on every drilling. If X is the number of wells of water found. Find:

    My solution: P(X>4)=1-B(4;6,0.6)




    Here since mean =3.6, I have problem to find P(X=mean)

    Thank you
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    B is the binomial probability? Isn't B(4;6,0.6) the probability of exactly 4 "sucesses" out of 6? If so 1- B(4;6,0,6) is P(X= 1, 2, 3, 5, or 6). What you want is P(5;6,0.6)+ P(6;6,0.6).

    ?? Is "b" different from "B"? If not then what I thought above was true. This is correct, 1 is incorrect. Oh, and have you actually calculated that value?


    Well, that last one is kind of trivial isn't it!
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    But my calculator does not give me a approximate value for b(3.6;4,0.6) ! ( for question 5)
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    You are supposed to be smarter than your calculuator! Stop and THINK. If you drill 6 wells, each well either will or won't hit water, what is the probability that exactly 3.6 of them will hit water?!!
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    Each well has a probability of 0.5 to hit water. So the probability of exactly 3.6 wells each 0.5^3.6= 0.082 ??
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