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[Paper choice] Numerical Mathematics or Analog Electronics and Circuit Analysis.

  1. Jul 16, 2012 #1
    I am a physics major and have to make a choice between either of these two papers. The numerical mathematics is at the equivalent to US senior level and the electronics paper is equivalent to US junior level. I'm quite interested in biophysics and/or medical physics for grad school but I'm not set on this.

    Paper Descriptions

    Numerical Mathematics

    This paper covers algorithms for approximation, integration, systems of algebraic equations, ordinary differential equations, and partial differential equations; scientific computation.

    Analog Electronics and Circuit Analysis

    Topics include advanced dc and ac analysis, transistor amplifiers, feedback in amplifiers, oscillations, and filters. This paper includes a compulsory laboratory component.

    This paper commences with complex impedance, phasors and ac circuit theory. These are then applied to the analysis and design of single- & multiple-BJT circuits, and circuits with nonideal opamps. Laplace and Bode theory is used to predict circuit performance. SPICE is used to simulate circuit operation.

    Which paper do you guys think would be best to take? I didn't really enjoy the intro to electronics class from first year and can barely remember any of it if I'm being honest.
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