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Parents joining Facebook - The party is over

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    Ivan Seeking

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    My mother has a facebook account and so does my aunt and uncle. It's not that bad, however I took down any incriminating pictures a while back (due to job reasons).
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    Personally I would probably be more concerned with what I would see on my parents' pages.
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    Amazing coincidence : my father requested friendship on facebook yesterday ! I accepted gladly, but I'm 29 and he does not speak english. I must say I thought of removing some pictures, but eventually I did not.
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    These days to date a girl you have to accept her parents as facebook friends, too
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    ..... i guess if you're 14?
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    That's what you think. My girlfriend's dad joined facebook, befriended me, and posted a flurry of messages all over my wall, all in the same day. It freaked her out.
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    Just stay out of facebook. There's enough awkwardness in normal life.
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    It's called ignoring friend requests.
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    My mother recently joined facebook to communicate with her golf and bridge buddies, but she knows better than to friend request me.
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    I feel the love:rofl:
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    lol My dad was telling my brother today there is a Facebook group called "Parents whose children won't friend them."
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    100% agreement on that.
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    On occasion I get requests from people I know, but don't really know (if you know what I mean). They just decide to friend me because we've talked once in the lounge. I usually just friend them, and unfriend them a few weeks later. That way they dont feel bad about not being friended, and forget by the time I unfriend them. The only problem is that then you keep popping up as 'people you may know'! Then there like, hmmm wait a minute. :rofl:

    It's kind of like firing someone on a friday. It avoids less problems throughout the week.
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    A couple of times (not anymore fortunately) when I was extremely drunk, I posted on random people's pages saying stuff that didn't make sense. It was embarrasing to say the least.

    I'm still in college.
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    But this has nothing to do with facebook. It's only because you found out how you behave when drunk.
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    Just think about the ammount of CO2e attributable to people poking each other and writing the word lol. bastards.

    The party is over? Facebook was a party? It's just an emmence vapid exercise in bullsh*t
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    I'm a parent and there isn't any way I want to look at my daughters page.

    I know way more than I want to already.
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    I agree...when it comes to the older teenagers. However, when it comes to the little one...we watch her like a hawk. She's not on facebook but several of her elementary school friends are...thanks to their parents and grandparents.
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