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Parity and CP-violation

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    I've gained interest in the LHC being built at CERN, which has led me to the LHCb experiments, which pertain to CP-violation.


    What sort of classes/branches would teach/contain 'charge conjugation' and 'parity'?


    the wiki article on parity states that parity is an operator-

    "acting on a state ψ as follows: P ψ(r) = ψ(-r). One must have P^2 ψ(r) = e^(i φ) ψ(r), since an overall phase is unobservable."

    I'd be interested to see the proof for P^2, and I'm curious how the overall phase being unobservable justifies this (not even sure I know what is meant by the "over all phase")


    I am up to Chapter 7 in Griffith's QM. There doesn't seem to be a section on 'parity' or 'charge conjugation' in the undergrad book, so I am left to wiki
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    Q1) See QFT Dirac field,KG charged field etc..... electroweak model...
    Q2)See wigner theorem... its on unitary operator acting on hilbert spaces that implement a symmetry trasf..

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    An intro course in high energy/particle physics at the level of Perkins would give you a first glimpse of such a thing.

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