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PCB fabrication

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    Hello, am trying to make pcb at my home, but am not sure about the sequence of fabrication steps.
    i put the board in UV light for several minutes, then i put it in a basic solution and finally in ana acidic one, but nothing happend to my board...
    What are the names of bases and acids used for this purpose?
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    I got a kit from here:
    If I remember correctly there is a developer for the exposed board and then a ferric-nitrate or some such etchant. If you get no image on the board after the exposure and development, and nothing etches, then I suspect you are way over-exposing -- possibly your transparency is not dense enough in the dark areas. If everything etches away then it's way under-exposed. I remember that I had a little brain-fade when I first tried the kit and didn't dilute the developer correctly, which lead to a seeming under-exposure condition too.
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