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Schools Pennsylvania State University- College of Engineering

  1. Apr 21, 2006 #1
    I have been offered admission to the Pennsylvania State University's College of Engineering....

    Do any of you have any idea about its reputation, degree value, grad. employment opportunities? etc.

    It would really help me out.

    Thanks :smile:
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    Become a Nukee =)
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    PSU has a number of good engineering programs - particularly Nuclear Engineering. I know several of the faculty there. :biggrin:
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    i heard that they also had strong aeronautical engineering programs.. any comments on that?

    but all in all... worth going there? (i.e. job prospects and degree value)

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    Nuclear engineering and industrial engineering are the programs here at PSU that get a lot of attention but all the programs are good. Professors are great and there many opportunities as far as projects/research etc, i.e. the nano satellite, rockets, ion propulsion, neutron imaging and many others. As far as know finding a job after graduating isn't a problem...I think 1 in 50 active engineers in the USA have a degree from Penn State. To top it all off State College is the greatest place you'll ever find in terms of fun...but you'll find that out for yourself if you decide to come.
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    Just a warning about fun back in 90's I started my education career in aerospace engineering at Penn State but ended up having a lot of fun at campus and had to leave. Do not make the same mistakes I made =).
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    I did the same thing. First semester as an Aero major and my average blood alcohol level was probably higher than my GPA. I changed majors and got my act together (as far as school went) and have been doing fine ever since. If you're motivated enough I believe you can definitely do both.
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    HAHA :rofl:

    So, its one of the top colleges out there....
    I've accepted the offer of admission. :approve:
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    You're gunna love it. Good luck.
  11. Apr 24, 2006 #10
    Good luck I loved that school =)
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