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Homework Help: Period of orbit

  1. Apr 21, 2005 #1
    Consider a satellite, mass=85 kg, in a circular orbit about Earth. Calculate the period of the satellite given a radius r of its orbit of 2.04 x 10^7 m.

    I used T^2= (4pi^2/ GM)r^3
    Plugging in G= 6.67 x 10^-11
    M= 85 kg
    r= 2.04 x 10^7 and solving for T gave 7.69 x 10^15 s.
    This wasn't right...
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    Pretty sure you use the mass of the earth, not the satelite, since it is whats providing the centripetal acceleration.

    http://www.glenbrook.k12.il.us/gbssci/phys/Class/circles/u6l4c.html [Broken] for more info.
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