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Permenant Magnet Hoverboard

  1. Dec 29, 2014 #1
    Ive had a look through the forums regarding this subject but ive found more questions than answers to issues that i would like to know
    firstly im planning on building a perminant magnet hoverboard that floats on a perminant magnet floor
    slightly crazy i know
    the board is a skateboard in size ive covered it in holes 10mm dia 5 mm deep with a 6 hole pcd of 13mm so they are very closely packed together ive done this with a cnc mill so they are pretty accuratly spaced im planning on doing the same with the floor was going to use a full sheet of ply as a starter
    Now for some questions i know Earnshaws theorem wont allow a stable floating magnet in a stable field etc
    but if the field is wide enough ie an ice rink i wouldnt slip out of the field as there are walls around the edge of the rink? Is that true would it work? Also issue with board flipping because of size of magnets been used approx 400 on a board would it flip because there isnt enough energy to flip board because there force only exerts over a small range individualy about 250g over about 10mm repulsively
    so if boards cant flip because of range of the repulsive force even if it did the amount of force on the other side if the board is reduced due to the thickness of the board
    and the board cant leave the field because there are walls around the rink
    Would it work? Or would fields combine amoung small magnets etc
    i havent been able to find any info on fields in magnetic arrays and i dont really want to spend a huge anount on magnets just to find out that that there are other forces at work that im unaware of
    im hoping that 400 ish magnets each with 250g of lift will be enough to elivate a person 10mm and not flip the board and the walls around the rink will stop the board leaving the field
    the floor will be same spacing and same magnets as board
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  3. Dec 29, 2014 #2
    I forgot to mention i am also planning on mounting an enclosed flywheel on the front of the board in the hope that i can use the gyroscopic action of it to provide some steering by tilting the board im hoping it will pull the nose left and right anyone know how much mass ill need in this?
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