Announcement PF Spring Cleaning!

Quite some progress in just 1.5 days. Sure, the easiest threads get answered or removed first, over time things will get slower.
Really incredible results so quickly! We want to keep things fresh and moving and we don't need to be perfect. After some time we'll keep opening new workshops and close those that look like we've exhausted efforts.
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The unanswered threads could stay a bit longer. We'll still deal with a few more of them over time.

Biology: 90 threads originally, 78 left, 144 posts, 12 unanswered, 87% done
Technology: 165 threads originally, 115 left, 170 posts, 60 unanswered, 64% done

Actually checked the forums: 25 unanswered threads in biology, 87 unanswered threads in technology (this thread screwed up the counting), so biology is 72% done and technology is at about 50%.

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