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Phantom Drive H

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    "Phantom Drive" "H"

    I believe I may have removed a thumb drive or maybe a USB hard disk drive without unmounting it. I have a drive "H" that I can't get rid of.
    I am running Win 7, intel quad core.
    Is there any way to "remove" the drive?

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    Re: "Phantom Drive" "H"

    Try opening Windows explorer, right-click the drive letter that shouldn't be there, and select "eject".

    Or you could try re-connecting the USB drive and disconnecting it properly.

    If Windows has somehow decided H: is a permanently mounted drive, that won't work, so try the solution in #2.
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    Re: "Phantom Drive" "H"

    I have tried right clicking and ejecting the drive but it doesn't work.
    When I put the thumb drive in it assigns a new drive letter to it.
    I will try the manual renoval in registry editor.

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    Re: "Phantom Drive" "H"

    Ok, I deleted it in regedit and it disappeared from the registry until I logged back on.
    I did it again and then restarted the computer but it came back.
    I did find out it was formed when my wife disconnected our Kodak printer to upgrade the drivers on her laptop. I hav another drive associated with the printer now and drive H is just a persistany name.

    I am thinking I will have to disconnect the printer to remove both drives and then reinstall the printer.
    The Kodak printer has a flash drive in it so it connects as a drive on the computer as well as a printer/scanner.

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