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Phase operator in quantum optics

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    I recently got interested in some aspects of quantum optics and have a basic question.

    There is an uncertainty relation concerning the phase and the particle number of a mode. How is this phase observable defined?

    Where can I read about such basic concepts without dwelling deeply into higher order correlation functions and the like?
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    Jano L.

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    Prof. Balakrishnan gives a great lecture on the quantization of free EM radiation in a cube. In the end of the lecture, he discusses one simple possibility way define the phase operator and shows that it leads to serious problems:

    All lectures on QT should be like that - interesting, careful, pointing out also deficiencies of the theory.

    I have found that there is also this review:

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    Thanks Jano, I am going to watch this. And wow to this review book, 500 pages about the phase operator alone. ;-)

    I completely agree.
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