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Homework Help: Physic: Help with solving roller support

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    Can someone help explain the idea behind solving this roller support question. I have the answer, couldn't figure how to solve it. I would greatly appreciate the detail explanation...:rolleyes:

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    First, you need to show us your work in order for us to help you. Second, the figure is a bit low-resolution. Can you post a higher-resolution copy?
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    That is main reason I'm posting this, I have the answer (750N), but I wanted how they come up with it. It's answer in one of the review booklet an EIT exam, which didn't provide explanation. Sorry about the low resolution, here's the another one.

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    You should show some attempt at your work. You should consider splitting the loading into two pieces: a uniformly distributed load of 100N/m, and a triangularly distributed load varying from 0 to 100N/m. Determine the reactions for each case and superimpose the results.
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    Along the lines of what PhantomJay mentioned, you should break this down into two problems...The first has a distributed load of 100 N/m and the other has the varying distributed load. Take both distributed loads and convert them to a point load at the geometric center. Then you have a single load in each. Then it's statics as usual.
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