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B Physics Egg Car Project Help?

  1. Feb 12, 2017 #1
    I have to create a vehicle to safely transport an egg from a ramp 1 m above the floor. The car must be powered solely with gravitational potential energy, must fall and land of its wheels, and I get a better grade for the farther away it lands from the ramp... but I'm completely lost of how to construct this vehicle.

    I was thinking of doing something with Styrofoam, to protect the egg, and maybe put a weight somewhere to make it go faster down the ramp to land farther away from the ramp, and use 3 big wheels (two in back and one in front) to balance it out when it falls... but even with this, I still have absolutely no idea how to construct it.

    Any tips on how to build this successfully would be much appreciated!
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    Make it and try it then refine your approach. This would be a lot more fun. Think of all the eggs you get to break.

    I would also suggest video recording the experiment so you can view it frame by frame.

    You should be able to find many examples online of how other students have protected egos during a drop.

    Maybe you could make a glider to carry the egg.
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