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Physics major advice

  1. Feb 20, 2015 #1
    I am a first year physics major, and last semester I did poorly in calc and physics, due to a lack of studying and being new to college and all that. This semester I am destroying physics so far (not cocky, I have been studying and getting A's on most quizzes), but I am only doing average in calc 2 now, which I don't see as bad. So I was wondering if you guys have advice for me on if I should stay a Physics major and better hopes if I change it. I still love every aspect of physics.
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    Stay in physics but do better in calculus you have a lot to learn. Other science and engineering may also require calculus too.
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    Calculus becomes very important in physics. In the introductory physics a lot of the calculus is kind of glazed over at first because it's assumed that one is currently learning calculus alongside physics. After the introductory physics, a solid working knowledge of calculus becomes far more crucial.
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