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  1. ambivalent_chemicist

    Programs Major in Chemistry or Physics?

    As with probably a lot of pure science undergrads, my dream goal is to become a researcher, academia or industry. As far as I know at the moment, I'm interested in the area of research that straddles physics and chemistry, and I'm not sure which one I should major in. Should I major in chemistry...
  2. Q

    Switching to chemical engineering from physics?

    Summary:: Would it make sense for me to switch from physics to chemical engineering if I have no interest in most chemical engineering jobs? I’m currently a first-year physics major. Over time, I’ve come to the conclusion that my general interests lie in applied science rather than in pure...
  3. astroman707

    Programs What is the likelihood of a physics major getting an engineering job?

    I’ve been told that physics majors are looked at favorably when applying for entry-level engineering jobs. Is this true? How qualified are they when compared to engineering majors? Are applied physics majors looked at any differently? Do employers care about an undergraduate thesis?
  4. astroman707

    Programs Should my second major to physics be programming or math?

    I’m planning on attending graduate school for physics. My interest is currently in cosmology and astrophysics, but I’m keeping an open mind. I’d like to be prepared in case I choose another field, or go into private sector instead of academia. I’ve decided I want to double major in my...
  5. U

    Engineering Should I major in Computer Science, Physics, or Aerospace Engineering?

    << Mentor Note -- two threads on same subject merged. Please do not cross-post across forums here >> I am passionate about Physics, Computer Science, and Aerospace Engineering. I am about to start my freshman year of college in the fall and have yet to decide which would be the most reliable...
  6. S

    Programs Any advice for choosing a major?

    I am currently a freshman and I am feeling increasing pressure to choose a major. I do not really know what I want to do but I have done some research and have narrowed it down to physics, math, or engineering (all except chemistry focused ones). I have really enjoyed all my calculus classes and...
  7. S

    Programs Which subfield of physics should I choose?

    Hi everyone; I have a question, and I hope you could answer it. Well, I have a bachelor degree in physics/computer science and I plan to go to a graduate physics program; however, I don’t know which subfield is good for me. I was looking for computational astrophysics, computational condensed...
  8. jamalkoiyess

    Courses What courses of the following are the best for my field?

    Hello PF, I am a physics junior and I lately decided on a math double major. I found the topics and classes and interesting enough to do so. Now my prospective fields are either high energy physics or quantum information. And so I wanted to tailor my math electives to help me within these...
  9. H

    Should I ditch physics?

    Hi, I am new to this forum and hope that this is the correct place to post this question. I received my bachelor's in physics and math last may. I enjoy physics, but I don't know if I should go to grad school. I noticed that boston university offers a LEAP program where non-engineers can become...
  10. Mary Abgarian

    Physics How to decide on my career path?

    I do like science a lot and I am good at it when i study. I also enjoy research as i have had 2 research internships which i enjoyed. But recently, for my physics 103, i had a professor that seemed to like have answers to everything, and it made me somewhat uninterested in the subject for...
  11. V

    Other Spatial reasoning ability.

    Hello. I have decided to create this thread to ask you how important is the spatial reasoning ability in studying physics. I am about to finish high school (in Poland to be specific) and in a short amount of time i will be going to have to choose my major. I am interested in particle physics...
  12. W

    Schools Applying to schools without the type of engineering I want?

    I'm a rising high school senior with an interest in industrial engineering. Although I'm aware that plenty of people graduate with degrees completely different from what they wanted to do in high school, industrial engineering is what I want to major in right now. Industrial engineering...
  13. R

    Programs Physics Major, EE Minor

    I've been struggling for a long time, trying to decide between Physics and Electrical Engineering. My practical side says I should major in EE, but I'm not sure anymore. I was browsing the catalog of my university the other day and noticed they'd added an option to minor in EE. This was never an...
  14. Jacob T Anderson

    Programs Computational Physics Major?

    Hello, I really want a major in Computation Physics but I don't think my University has a class. Should I instead go into a double major in Computer Science & Physics? Or should I go into physics at all? I live in Iowa so it's not the best location for jobs in physics.
  15. toforfiltum

    Programs Help me decide between EE and ME

    Hey everyone, so it's nearing the end of fall semester now, and it's time for me to register for classes next spring. The problem is that I still don't really know what to major in, and I have to decide soon. Both majors have different sets of prerequisites to take before being able to be...
  16. Delta31415

    Schools College Major Question

    Thanks in advance! I am currently a junior in high school,and in a year i will be applying for college. Problem is I don't know what major to apply for.I wish to study Quantum Mechanics,however at the same time study engineering,so maybe Quantum Technology? I also am interested in cosmology and...
  17. rkum99

    Schools Choosing a potential major for college?

    I'm currently at crossroads about what field I should head into for university. I'd appreciate any advice about what would be a good direction to head into based on my interests and goals. If I had to name my favorite subject, it would most likely be either mathematics or physics. I've pursued...
  18. finback

    Engineering Chemistry or Engineering major for environmentally-minded?

    Hi! I'm entering college this Fall and I'm not sure whether I want to pursue a Chemistry degree or an Engineering degree. The college I'll be attending has a very strong chemistry program, and a comparably weaker engineering program, but they have both programs nonetheless. I'm interested in...
  19. B

    Programs Mathematics + Second Major (Microbiology or CS)?

    Dear Physics Forum personnel, I am an undergraduate pursuing a major in the mathematics. My current undergraduate project in the computational virology really got me interested in the worlds of microbiology. The project involves both the biology and computer science, which is specifically...
  20. M

    Programs Need help picking out major

    Hello, I am 17 years old and I live in Alabama. I'm fairly good with physics, computer science, graphic design, teaching, mathematics, and most sciences. I would like to end up getting a PhD and teaching in a 4 year university eventually. Recently I have been influenced by my physics teacher to...
  21. K

    Programs New member here, I really need some advice picking a major

    Hey everyone, first of all I'd like to point out that I do plan on becoming an active part of this community, because I love physics! That being said, I am currently a sophomore in college and am currently taking a bunch of EE classes because I had decided to try to get into the EE program at my...
  22. Bake

    Could I handle Computer Engineering?

    Computer Engineering and/or Computer Science have both interested me greatly. I'm fairly certain that I want to pursue in one of these fields in the future. Though, I've heard that CE requires you take some match classes that are quite difficult. It's not that I dislike math, as a matter of fact...
  23. ExMusicMajor

    Programs Insight into trying out a Physics major

    Okay so this might be a little long, but I think it requires some length to explain and elicit answers. I am a junior at the University of North Texas. I originally came here to be a music major and spent a year and a half as such. I was and am very passionate about music, but for many reasons...