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Physics or Geophysics

  1. Nov 23, 2014 #1
    Hi. I'm an argentinean that's 5 days away of graduating from high school. I love physics but I'm doubting on getting a physics degree because of the limited laboral field. I feel that I'd be unhappy if I don't study physics but I'll be even more unhappy if I become a physicist that has to dedicate her life to education to have an income. My other option in geophysics, a field that's not away from physics and can be very profitable in the energy industry. I got rid of the idea of geophysics because I thought that I can master on it after studying physics, but I'm very confused. If you have any information that can be useful for me please provide it to me.
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    Someone with a physics degree could get a job in the energy industry. I knew a physics major who ended up doing well-logging for an exploration company. Certainly geophysics would be useful to oil or mineral exploration and development company.
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    It's fairly common to do an undergraduate degree in physics and then specialize in geophysics for graduate school.
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