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Homework Help: Physics Photograph

  1. Oct 16, 2004 #1
    [SOLVED] Physics Photograph

    I need to take a picture of something (anything) and explain the physics behind it. I really want to get something cool, but due to my limit capablities I don't have many good ideas. Does anyone have any really good ones? Maybe something that shows some theory in action (does that make sense? :)?
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    How about doing a little bit about quantum mechanics and particle theory? You could take a picture of anything for that.
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    What about superconductivity?
    http://www.fieldlines.com/other/images/super4.jpg [Broken]
    Floating rings and blocks are cool.
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    Why don't you do what your teacher probably wants you to do and take a picture of something simple...

    a yo-yo
    marble works

    it really depends by explaining does he want you to be able to do the math for the toy
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    You could take a picture of an object sitting on a table and explain that it is stationary because the table pushes up with the same force that gravity pushes down.

    Or you could get a glow stick and drop it from a high place at night, while taking a time lapse picture of it. You should notice that it gets fainter the farther it falls because it is moving faster.

    If your project isn't due for a few weeks, you could take a picture of the upcoming lunar eclipse (Oct 28th I believe, but check first).
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