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Physics related career for Computer Science graduate?

  1. Apr 9, 2015 #1
    I hold an Engineering Degree with major in Computer Science and have 1.5 years experience as programmer. Being an Indian, I was pushed into Engineering and didn't know much about other career options back in 2008. Now I feel I should have taken up Physics. I abhor a mundane IT job. I wish to work in some scientific/academic environment (CERN or NASA :P). Not being a pumpous guy, but the truth is that I was really good at physics in High school than my peers. Since I joined college for B.E., I lost touch.

    Right now I got admit from KTH Royal for MS in Embedded Systems, and expecting an admit from University of Oulu for MS in Signal processing & Computer vision. I need advice on which programme will give me better chance to work in physics related research environments. In case it is never possible, I wish to continue in academia (I started to hate being a s/w developer). My personal opinion is that Signal Processing/Computer Vision will help me fetch jobs like analyzing experimental data etc. We have too many embedded engineers these days.

    Thanks in advance for you valuable advice.
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    Welcome to PF!

    My guess is the signal processing and computer vision would be more physics oriented.
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    Thank you jedishrfu :)
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