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Physics vs chemistry!

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    Well i want to see what do you prefer and why?
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    I think they are both great. I prefer physics because it is a bit more quantitative and deals more with deriving observed phenomenon from first principles. There is overlap between the two. Physical chemistry is where chemistry majors get the physics side of chemistry. Organic chemistry is usually considered further from physics.

    Are you choosing which science class to take or choosing a major?
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    I have to know both perfect i just wanted to know because all of my friends prefer chemistry and i prefer physics so every time we "fight".

    I was not atracted to physics until one of my friend told me about one theory....(Quantum theory) i was
    15 years old and i couldn't understand much ,basically because of maths.So i love quantum mechanics and all my friends keep telling me quantum is chemistry. Can you tell me something that can help me? and why this happens.
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    There's no sense in "fighting" about it.

    Quantum mechanics focuses on the world at very small scales. The tools and principles learned in quantum help physical chemists interpret experimental results. If you're seeing these fields as "rivals", you aren't seeing the whole picture.

    There is significant overlap between chemistry and physics, as ModusPwnd mentioned.

    Btw, welcome to PF, Alexander~E=hv!
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    Both physics and chemistry represent a different piece of human knowledge. And both pieces are extremely important. It's of no use fighting about it or to think one is "better" than the other. That's a silly way of thinking. Spend your time studying it instead.

    Of course, it can be that somebody prefers chemistry over physics, that's his own preference. One cannot argue over tastes and preferences, it's a useless discussion.
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