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Pin assignments for ADC / DAC

  1. Feb 21, 2009 #1

    I am building my senior design project and need some help with the pin assignments for the 8-bit ADC --TLC0820AC (TI instruments). I've taken a look at the data sheet. Which has helped out some.


    The pins that I'm troubled with are the following: CS (chip select), INT (Interrupt), Mode, OFLW, RD and WR/RDY.

    The data sheet states that a pin may be low or high... Is there a typical setup that I can use, whatever that may be.

    Right now, I'm just testing the ADC and a DAC before I build my complete circuit...seeing if what I put in is what I get out, etc. The software that I'm using only has generic ADC/DAC and not any "real world" ones that I can test.

    thanks in advance


    Any help on this would be much appreciated....
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