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Homework Help: Please check this differentiation result

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    I have to differentiate (e^-x) ((1-x)^1/2)

    my answer is:

    (-e^-x) ((1-x)^1/2) + (e^-x)/((-1/2 + 1/2x)^-1/2))

    is this correct?

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    In the second part I belive the -1/2 term is outside the underroot
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    You want to differentiate this: [itex]e^{-x}(1-x)^{1/2}[/itex]? You have used the product rule correctly, but the second term is incorrect. The second term is [tex]e^{-x}\frac{d}{dx}(1-x)^{1/2}=e^{-x}(1-x)^{-1/2}\cdot(-\frac{1}{2})[/tex]

    Note that, when using the chain rule on the parentheses, whatever's inside the parentheses does not change.
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