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Homework Help: Please help, takes only 15 minutes

  1. Nov 25, 2008 #1
    I will reiterate my plea just in case:
    Hello. I'm in 10th grade in high school and for one of my engineering classes I have to do a research paper. One requirement of the paper is I have to interview a currently active and experienced engineer (preferably aerospace), so I came up with a few questions that I would like at least one of you to answer. If you do not want to, u do not have to, but it would be very helpful if u agree. Also, you do not need to answer all of the questions, but try to do the most you can. Please take your time and answer truthfully, I hope that at least one of you will help me out. The paper is due 12/3, so i would like to have some replies by 11/28 if possible, but do not rush before or after or even during the holiday, take your time. Here goes:
    1. Where do you work and what does the company do?
    2. Exactly what kind of engineer are you and how long have you been employed as an engineer?
    3. Describe the duties and responsibilities of someone working in your field of engineering.
    4. Are there specializations in your field of engineering and do you have a particular specialty?
    5. What are some of the projects you have worked on and do you have one that your most proud of?
    6. Is any part of your job hazardous or dangerous?
    7. How much of your time is spent on the computer?
    8. Do you work alone or with other engineers? What other types of engineers do you work with?
    9. How much knowledge of other fields of engineering do you need to know in order to perform your job requirements?
    10. What do you like most about your job?
    11. What do you dislike about your job?
    12. Is there further education offered where you work?
    13. Where did you go to college, how long did it take to earn your degree, and what kinds of courses did you have to take?
    14. What are the beginning, average, and top pay one could expect to earn working in this profession?
    15. How many hours do you work per week?
    16. Are the benefits good and do you get much vacation time?
    17. Do you have to travel?
    18. Is it possible to work at home (like if you are sick)?
    19. Were there any tests or licenses you had to get before you became an engineer?
    20. Is this what you thought you were going to do in high school?
    21. Do you have any advice for someone looking to go into engineering?
    22. Is there anything you want to add?
    Thank you very much for your time and concern. Good luck!
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    1) I work for Goodrich Power Systems, primary objective is to design and supply Power systems for both commercial and military aircraft.
    2) I am a systems/integration engineer, I have been an engineer since 2000.
    3) Duties involved are writing test procedures from requirements and running test Plans and writing reports. Other objectives is to test Hardware and software integration for Qualification prior to been installed on aircraft.
    4) I specialise in Computer systems and electronics.
    5) Working currently on two projects, the new Airbus A400M, Airbus A380 new updates.
    6) Yes, when closely working with Oily Generators and High Voltages.
    7) On the computer around 80%.
    8) I work with whole range of engineers from all different disciplines.
    9) I only work with electronics and computer systems. other fields are normally left to others who specialise in that area of expertise.
    10) I enjoy and appreciation of what goes into design and qualification of new and existing aircraft.
    11) The long hours typing on the computer.
    12) There is in house training on some things that relate the business in hand, but in depth techinical knowledge is limited to University.
    13) Bucks / Brookes university and took me from National certificate, High National Certificate, Foundation Degree to BSc Degree with Hon. in 10 years (Partime). The Course work is mainly Software/Electronics both analogue and Digital design. prior to this, I did 2 years City and Guilds Electronics and computing at a local college.
    14) Wages varies from 35k to 100k
    15) Hours are normally 37 hours, but normally work 45 hours.
    16) Good benefits with 25 days A/L

    17) Rarely travel whilst working but occasionally it may happen.
    18) I have worked at home, but not when I am sick. (why would I want to?)
    19) It depends on the type of work you need to carry out, the only thing I needed was and Electronics and Computer degree. (Some types of engineering work do require to be chartered status within certain fields though.)
    20) I didnt know what I wanted to do till I was 25. then I became and engineer in computing and electronics.
    21) Engineering can be a rewarding challange when you know something you have designed or tested. you know people are using your product around the world.

    22) Good luck in your chosen career..
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