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Homework Help: Pleaseeeeeeeeeee i need this exammmmm

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    Pleaseeeeeeeeeee i need this!!!exammmmm

    Estimate the air pressure at the centre of a category 5 hurricane with a wind speed of 328km/hr.
    Hint: start with the pressure difference btw normal atmospheric pressure at a long distance away from the hurricane and the pressure at the centre and use Bernoullis theorem to relate this to the wind speed difference..
    Give the answer in kPa or kilo-Pascals where 1 kPa = 1000Pa.
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    Re: Pleaseeeeeeeeeee i need this!!!exammmmm

    That's not the way it works here, we'll help you, but you have to do the work yourself.

    Note: If this is part of a take home assessment, please ensure that both your school/college and course instructor permit you to receive external assistance.
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    Re: Pleaseeeeeeeeeee i need this!!!exammmmm

    reason i put this up here is because i dont even know where 2 begin. if you show me the first step or twoo then im fine with that.

    thank u
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