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Plotter for Linux

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    Hi to all!

    I need your opinion about something simple.
    All we know that in research "industry", in order to visualize their results, they extensively use originLab. Someone told me that "if you want to be called a researcher, then you have to learn origin...".

    Ok, fine. But I am a Linux user and I do not want to switch back to Windows. Origin is not written for Linux or other unix-like operating system.

    I am currently using for my plots, a program called "xmgrace" for linux. I have also tried an other one which is called gnuplot but both of them are "life-wasters" and difficult to manipulate especially when you are typing in english and greek (for mathematical symbols inside the graph).

    Would you please give me some recommentation for a (cutting-edge) plotter which works well with linux?? I do not say that originlab is good, but if there is something good for linux then I would not say no for it.
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    Depending on what kind of graphs/plots you are interested, it may be that one program is more tailor towards that than other...you may have to read a bit about each and find out which one fits your needs.

    If you have, say, Ubuntu, you may want to go to the Software center or whatever is called (I haven't done Ubuntu in a while)...browse to the scientific or engineering categories look for stuff there...things like:


    You can also read up on


    Having said that, there is always

    Python/matplotlib (this is what I use)

    combination which can be used to substitute for environments like matlab, freemat, etc.
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