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Pn junction diode (series combo of voltage source and diode)

  1. Dec 3, 2014 #1

    The question is to solve the current through a resistor after a pn junction. (photo attached)
    As far as I'm aware the voltage source in the pn junction is (in this orientation) of opposite polarity to that of the 0.8V voltage source.

    From my understanding the answer goes like:


    I= 66e-6 Amps

    I'm just checking my logic, I cant find anything in my lecture notes.
    Chances are I'm wrong, circuits are the bane of my life so if anyone has any tips/advice on this I'd really appreciate it.
    Thanks for reading! IMAG0137[1].jpg
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    Hi NolcPhysics, Welcome to Physics Forums.

    In future please be sure to retain and use the posting template provided for formatting your question layout when you start a new thread in the Homework sections of the forums.

    Regarding your problem, your method and results look fine. You might take advantage of the metric prefix system and choose a suitable unit size to display your result (micro amps, μA, would be appropriate).
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    ok, thanks.
    I will in future
    grand so, I wasn't sure if my logic was correct. I wasn't aware the prefix system here, now know about it.
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