How to find the current and voltage in a circuit with current sources?

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Summary: Facing a circuit with 2 parallel resistors and 2 current sources (1 dependent, 1 independent). Trying to find the current, voltage, power delivered by the independent current source and power delivered by the dependent current source.

I'm trying to start by finding the current i0 but I'm not sure how to because of the current sources and how it affect it. also I know that to find the current I should use I=V/R , but I only have R=2 and without V (Not really sure!).


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I moved your question to a homework thread. Next time, post it in the homework section, and fill out the template of required information the forum will provide.
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Whatever the voltage is across the 2 ohm resistor is also the voltage across the 8 ohm, from the fact that it's a parallel arrangement.
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The circuit has only one essential node, so conciser using nodal analysis to find the voltage ##v_o##. With that, the current ##i_o## is obvious. The remainder of the questions to be answered (power delivered (or absorbed!)) should be evident after the node voltage is determined. If not, be sure to ask questions about that. We're here to help :smile:

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