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Poe's Eureka?

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    Has anyone read Poe's "Eureka"? I was amazed when I came across this:

    http://www.mathpages.com/home/kmath522/kmath522.htm" [Broken]

    I still have to read his book, but it seems that Poe was an amazing philosopher/scientist in the grand old way, covering most of the disciplines of his time. I can't believe all I've ever heard about was "The Telltale Heart", "The Pit and the Pendulum", etc. What's the deal? Are his silly fiction stories overshadowing his good stuff, or is it just me? Do I need to go abuse my lit. teachers?
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    I read that essay before, good stuff.

    My favorite contribution of Poe is his devastating critique of literature. He points out that very often the only creative part of story writing is accomplished in the beginning, followed by long hours of uncreative toiling.

    Once we set up the morphism between our world and the world in the story, 90% of the work consists in applying the morphism to elements in our world to "create" elements of the story world.

    Sorry I don't have a link.
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