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Positive Sequence Resistance and Reactance calculation

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    I have following two parameters with me

    a) Maximum three phase fault current in amperes (A) and phase angle in degrees (B).

    I want to calculate the positive sequence resistance (R) and reactance (X) from above two variables for a symmetric system. I couldn't figure out a way to find R and X values using just these two parameters. However I noted somebody has calculated them using following formula for same purpose (unfortunately couldn’t verify who did this in my workplace).

    R = A * COS ( PI()*B/180 ) X = A * SIN ( PI()*B/180 ) where A is the three phase fault current and B is the phase angle

    If someone can assist me to figure out the correct formula and the relation above, please

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    In my opinion, if you intend to calculate the impedance in ohm-not in p.u.-then you’ll need the voltage.

    A=V/(R+Xi)=V(R-Xi)/(R^2+X^2) then:

    Iactiv=V*R/(R^2+X^2) Ireact=-V*X/(R^2+X^2) TAN(B)=Ireact/Iact=-X/R

    A=SQRT(Iactiv^2+ Ireact^2)




    A=V/R/SQRT(1+TAN(B)^2) and from here:



    R=V/A*COS(B) X=V/A*SIN(B)

    B has to be radians then if B it is done in degrees then B[rad]=pi()/180*B[degrees].
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