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Possible manned mission to Mars?

  1. Yes, send a manned mission to Mars

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  2. No, send a better probe

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  3. Do a manned "drive by" of Mars

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  4. Neither it costs too much and make the debt bigger.

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  1. Apr 23, 2013 #1
    So I hope you have all heard of the possible manned mission to the red planet or... MARS! I believe Nasa said something around the lines of hopefully having a manned mission to mars around 2030 and before that the so called stepping stone by capturing an asteroid around 2020. Now my question is what do you guys think we would need to go to Mars? What type of rockets would be used? I personnaly would like to see them use a nuclear powered shuttle with a liquid propellent two stage main rocket to get them a quarter of the way there if not half. But I am not an engineering expert so I was hoping someone else could come up with some solutions.

    This .pdf has some details but I'm sure if you really cared then you would know more by know.

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