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Post Editing Options

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    This is just a minor thorn in my side, not something that really needs to be changed. I couldn't help noticing that after the new format was instituted there no longer seems to be an option to explain the reason for editing my posts. The only reason that it irritates me a bit is that I do it primarily to correct typos as opposed to altering the content or intent of the original and I would like that to be known. (Sometimes there are content reasons, but it's usually just to add information or clarify an explanation rather than change the direction of the post.)
    Is there some way to reinstate that function?
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    Not at this time, sorry
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    It's okay. Fact is, if I'm doing it to change anything or add anything significant, I space down a couple of lines and type "edit:" before whatever I add. If I don't do that, it was a typo. (And yes, I do have a spell-checker, but it isn't context sensitive and so won't pick up if I put something like "it's" when I mean the possessive "its", or "reed" instead of "read".)
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    I would just briefly mention in your post the editing you've done.
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    I prefer this method because I think it's less likely to be missed. i.e. more visible
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    Stevie and digoff, I agree with what you're saying except that it doesn't apply to any time that I've done it. It's only before someone else posts to my knowledge. If I finish an edit and then notice that someone else has responded, I make a new post explaining that I changed it.
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