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Potato launcher

  1. Apr 7, 2009 #1
    hello, i was wondering what people here would think the best design type for a potato launcher would be. I looked at catapults, ones that use compressed gas, and combustion. firstly, which would be the easiest to make?
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    Welcome to PF, SirMarksAlot.
    My personal approach is something that you probably shouldn't try. I would build a grenade-launcher type adapter that clamps onto the muzzle of a 12-gauge, and use a blank cartridge to launch it. There's a very good chance that the Mentors will delete this, since I don't know if it falls within forum guidelines.
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    ya, i definately dont have access to a 12-gauge, or any gun.
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    Sounds reasonably safe to me, as long as you use a standard adapter and a blank cartridge.

    (and people wonder where Danger got his nickname...)
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    My only actual use of this system was an inverse version. I built an adaptor that held a 12 gauge shell on the end of a .177 pellet rifle. Pretty big bang for a spring-loaded gun. :devil:
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    I made one with about $20 in pvc from home depot. Just glue a bunch of pvc together with a screw off back and a wider chamber. Then I used an electric sparker from a lighter which was connected to two screws that were drilled into it until they were very close allowing a spark on the inside. Works great after at least 100 shots. Great fun and a lot of power, so be careful.
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