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Potential of Ag/Ag+ electrode

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    Hello everybody

    I would like to know the potential of two electrode.

    1- The first is the electrode of Ag/Ag+ in a saturated solution of NaCl

    I think that the pKs of AgCL is 9.8 (is it right?)
    E= E0+0.06log[(Ks)1/2]
    E=0.506 vs ENH

    Is it correct? (in a book I found a value of 0.2 so...)

    2- The second is the electrode of Ag/Ag+ in a solution of NaCl at 3 mol/L this time
    E=E0+0.06logKs-0.06log[Cl+] ??
    E=0.8-0.588-0.0286=0.183 V vs ENH
    Is it correct?

    Thank you for your help
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    The Ksp is 1.8*10^-10, so the pKs comes to around 9.745.

    Everything seems right, till "E=0.8-0.506". Shouldn't it be 0.588, as you used in the next question? If you do that, you get E = 0.8-0.588
    = 0.212

    This appears correct (ofcourse, Cl-).
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