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Power dissipation in capacitor circuit

  1. Aug 6, 2015 #1
    Capacitor connected to a battery of certain internal resistance. If it is asked to calculate what is power dissipated as heat, Does -the voltage across capacitor X current through capacitor- gives heat dissipated or should we add heat dissipated in battery by considering its internal resistance.
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    The capacitor will take some part of the energy released by the battery, only the fraction that is lost in the internal resistance gets converted to heat.
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    @mfb, I agree. But in the book the answer given for only heat dissipation in capacitor. They have not considered the dissipation in battery. I think they have neglected this fraction of heat lost. But strictly speaking one has to consider. Am I right?
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    What current "through" capacitor? The current goes through the connecting wires and through the battery, during the charging process. But not through the capacitor.
    Maybe you should write the full text of the problem.
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