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Practice Problems for Algebra

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    Hey! I'm really struggling trying to teach myself abstract algebra mostly because I have a terrible shortage of practice problems. I really need some practice questions with solutions. Can anyone provide me a link to some (as many as possible!)? I've looked all over and can't find anything that doesn't cost money. My text has some problems,which helps a lot, but there are no solutions, so I have no idea if I'm getting my problems right or wrong.
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    Go to URL=http://]http://www.math.miami.edu/~ec/book/ [Broken] , I got it from Physics Napster in the Physics section. This provides free Linear and Abstract Algebra text book. It also has a discussion forum.[
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    I already have that textbook. I tried using it for a while but it's so concise that I can't understand anything. It's would serve better as an outline than a text. And besides, there are very few practice problems in that book. But thanks for trying anyway!
    The forum would be very nice, but it appears it is not used much. The last post was July 25. I will stick with the physics forums. I just hate to bombard everyone with a million questions.
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    Have a look at http://www.math.uiuc.edu/~r-ash/. Don't be put off by 'graduate', I found it quite accessible, and solutions are provided. I got the link off someone else in the forum, can't remember who. Chapters 1-5 may be of the most interest to you.
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    I agree with Lonewolf. I've had a freshman Algebra course, and many of the things stated there I found in Ash's book. It has great problems that will help you ponder over the material, and it includes solutions.
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