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Preparing for Calculus II

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    So I just found out my grade for Calc I and I got a B-. I'm pretty disappointed in myself because I feel like I could've received at least a B+/A- if I wasn't so lazy. There were exams/quizzes that I seriously didn't study for at all besides a quick 10 minute glimpse in my notes.

    So I think it's safe to say that the first thing I need to do to prepare for Calculus II is to get rid of the lazy habit.

    Now I've heard that Calc II is supposed to be the most difficult calculus course. So how should I prepare for it? Which things from Precalc and Calc I should I review and be absolutely certain that I know?
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    I'm getting ready for Calc II this summer as well. My instructor from Calc I is teaching Calc II and he informed me a lot of the class will focus on integration involving trig functions and applications of integration. I'm going to spend the week before class starts going over my integration notes from Calc I.
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    integration. . . usub, partial fractions, trig sub, more usub, and know lots of trig

    sequences and series is not so tough

    if vectors is in your curriculum, do it last cause it's nice to ease off into easy stuff.
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    I agree, review differentiation and integration before Calc 2. Most of semester calculus involves just that. And it would be wise to go over the chapters that will be covered in calc 2.

    Letter grades are useless for measuring knowledge. Did you learn something in calc 1? That is what matters.
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    yeah... right.
    I suggest the natural log and exp functions.
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