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Pressure loss rate as related to pipe leak volume?

  1. May 3, 2012 #1
    Greetings! I locate buried water pipe leaks (simplyleakdetection.biz) however attempting to approach more mathematically. I often isolate the leaking pipe and insert air pressure at one end. The leak is represented by the pressure drop rate as viewed on the air guage when isolated from the compressor. Known values are pipe length and diameter giving to pipe volume. Once the air reaches the pipe leak, the pressure drop rate significantly increases thus showing another known value in terms of time. There must be a way to calculate leak rate in CF as related to pressure drop....this is my quest for help. Knowing the pipe volume in CF per linear foot of pipe distance (which I can calculate) and knowing the leak rate in CF (which I need your help), I can then calculate the approximate distance from the point of air insertion to the pipe leak once I know the time taken for the air to reach the leak. Is there a simple equation for this given simple kown values?
    I thank you for your help. Michael
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