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Printing from Visual C++ output

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    I need to be able to print the output from my c++ program, which obviously comes up in a dos screen. Is there an easy way to print this without writing it into the code? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    myprogram.exe > result.txt
    print result.txt or double click on result.txt and select print
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    excellent, thanks!
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    IIRC in good ole times it was something like myprogram.exe > prn or myprogram.exe > lpt1. No idea if it works in dosbox.
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    Not directly (at least for most simple laser printers)
    You can share the regular system printer using network shares and then connect lpt1 to that printer.
    net use lpt1: \\mymachine\myprinter

    You can then print directly to lpt1: even if it is a gdi/winlaser on a usb port.
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