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Problem on Energy Transfer

  1. Jun 3, 2009 #1
    1. A Body Aof 5kg is attached to the end of a light supension cord 2m long and is free to swing in a cirular path in a vertical plane . the body A is drawn aside and the suspension cord is held taut at an angle of 30 below the horizontal .

    a. determine the linear velocity of the weight when passing through the bottom position

    b. at the instant of reaching the bottom position, body A collides with body B of mass 10kg moving horizontally with a velocity of 2m/s in the same vertical plane as, but in the opposite sense to Body A.

    if after impact on body A rebounds to height of 0.3m above it bottom postion determine the velocity of B immediately after impact.

    c. calcualte the loss of energy at impact

    I must confess i have got no clue on how to tackle the problem, and as such i dont know where to start on, so please i would really appriciate any help and explanation offered to me .

    thanks in advance.
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    1) Determine the height of the body from the bottom position.
    2) Calculate the potential energy at that position.
    3) Apply the conservation of energy to find the velocity at the bottom position.
    4) For part b, apply the conservation of momentum.
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    thank you for you respond, but please rl.bhat can you tell wat to used to tackle the explanation, am absolutely clueless.
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    Length of the string is given. Angle below the horizontal is given. Draw the figure. Using trig. find the height of the body from the bottom position.
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