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Program that drives my scanner had bits missing

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    i had a
    problem earlier that russ,zantra and greg helped me out of,
    basicaly the program that drives my scanner had bits missing,
    as i NEVER load anything on my computer, apart from the os or download
    from the net, apart from saving certain
    items to MY DOCUMENTS, how can this happen? my computer is only used for the net, no games, just occasional printing and scanning
    as advised i reinstaled from scratch now everthing works,thanks everyone
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    With an instrument as delicate as a PC, many things can go wrong even if you take precautionary steps.

    If your power goes out, your system losing power can cause data errors on the harddrive, which can cause data loss like you seem to have seen.

    Good ways to try and fix problems stemming from things like this is to be sure and run scandisk and defrag your drive every 2 weeks or so.

    Sometimes tho, reinstalling is the only way. Plus you get that nice, clean computer feel...everything is quick, programs start fast, stuff isn't cluttered...ahhhhh.
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