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Project Management

  1. May 29, 2007 #1
    Any Project Managers out there? Just thought it might be beneficial if the PF had a thread devoted to the Project / Program - Engineer / Manager.

    Not sure what I have to add to this just yet, but once I get a schedule, Ghantt chart, some costing numbers, a Bill of Material, and a Work Breakdown Structure, I should be able to add something.....:surprised
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    You want to delve into the dark side?
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    The best set of textbooks on this are the complete works of Scott Adams.
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    I was wondering how long it would take to get a Dilbert reference.
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    I work as a PM at a multi national and there are some real Dilbert moments, its really sad when you have to live a Dilbert cartoon.
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    Is project management a fun job? Tell me about it.
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    It can be challenging. Biggest problem is that everybody looks at you when things go wrong. You have to understand what the tech folks on the project need to present their design in time. You have to understand what the build team require to have the build completed on time. Most of all you have to understand what the client wanted so that is what is designed and built. It tends to be a constant balancing act of client wants vs technical reality vs time to build in AND just to mess everything up your employer has this expectation of profit.

    Pretty much the success or failure of the project is your own work through the project at planning stage and give each person involved enough time to complete their part in time for the next.
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    Sounds like a pretty difficult and "look down upon you when you make a mistake" job.

    Do you talk with clients too after work? It looks like this job will take over your entire life and precious free time.
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    Welcome to the world of engineering.
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    Its not as bad as it sounds. All jobs are "look down at you when a mistake is made" Even the burger flipper at McDs gets a big frown for the boss if they burn the burgers. The big thing with project management is that normally all you are trying to do is to keep the promises you made at the start.

    The other thing is you won't be thrown at a gazillion dollar job when you have no experiance. It will be a build up over your career. You will get a feel for what is within your skill level so you avoid jobs beyound that level.

    You do talk to clients after and if you have done a good job they will quite often engage you to complete more work in the future for them.

    The job doesn't take over your life. To do this job you have to be good at time management so there is always time for personal things. Also without personal releases any job/career would burn a person out. It is true that there are times on prjects when the task is very intentive. I feel a sense of achivement at the end to see a completed project working and all parties happy.
  12. Jun 22, 2007 #11
    Looking at the project manager as the team leader, it seems only fair that they should be appraised when the going is good but equally hammered when the going is tough.

    Although, I have to say that people bashing is never a good long-term incentive and really it is the roots of the problem which should be identified and solved rather than pointing blame.
  13. Jun 25, 2007 #12
    So, how do you become one? How do you have to present yourself to be chosen as one?
  14. Jan 15, 2008 #13
    How do you become one???

    Purley by accident. From what I've been able to tell, it takes an Engineer who thrives on seeing the big picture, and does not necessarily concern themselves with the little details. Like one of the previous posts stated, you need to know about every portion of the project, and yes everyone does look to you when something goes wrong, over-budget, or outside of the intended scope. It's exciting though. Also a good catalyst for starting your own business. It's kind of like running a company within a company...

    The Briefcase series of books has one on Project Management which is a very good read. I would suggest linking that with Managing Multiple Projects from the same series........


    Dilbert is the man...
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