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Project: particle accelerator

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    I'm interested in building a particle accelerator... maybe a linear accelerator or a cyclotron.

    What do you suggest as a starting project? The linear accelerator or the cyclotron?

    About the linear accelerator, is it suitable only for electrons? Is it possible to build a small (and affordable) linear accelerator capable of accelerating heavier charged particles?

    And about the cyclotron... is it too expensive and complex as a first accelerator project? What would be the cost of a small cyclotron?

    I'd like to contact other accelerator enthusiasts who could help me.

    Thank you :)
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    Vanadium 50

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    Building an accelerator is dangerous. It's clear from your message that you don't know enough to build one successfully or safely. I'd recommend another project.
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    Hello, I agree with Vanadium 50.
    However, old CRT televisions do accelerate electrons so they are infact linear electron accelerators. For the record: a linear accelerator would be far far easier to make.
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    I'm aware that it is complex and dangerous... I've worked with a Van de Graaff accelerator before to perform some RBS studies when attending to a Nuclear Safety course.

    I have no technical knowledge to build an affordable accelerator. That is why I'm asking for help.
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    As explained, we do not give advice on dangerous projects here at the PF. Thread is closed.
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