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Project with LEDs

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    Well I don't know if this is the right place to do this question.

    I want to do a project of my class of electronics, and my circuit must contain at lest one intagreated circuit, can somebody give an easy one? It must contain just a integrated circuit and also something with LEDs. I am just a begginer and I want to do something easy no to complex.

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    Hm ... basically, it seems that you are asking us to do your work for you and since you have dozens of posts I'm sure you know by now that that's not the way this forum works.

    You need to at least make a stab at something yourself and then ask for help.
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    You could try something like this circuit:


    It is a circuit for varying the brightness of some LEDs by using pulse width modulation.

    You could read the whole article about this and some similar circuits here:

    Otherwise, you could put Google into Image mode and search for "555 circuits".
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    thanks for the help. I had found circuits with leds doing similar things like this but this seems very easy. Thanks for the help, now I'll simulate this and after that to the electronics store
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    Not exactly. I just wanted a guide(like web sites and stuff like that ) like the one who vk6kr gave me. I am a begginer and I am not looking for someone to do my homework. I just need a little of help. At the end I will make my circuit here at home don't you??
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