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Homework Help: Projectile Motion: Given Horizontal Distance Travelled and Time Taken

  1. Sep 20, 2009 #1
    Okay, so we did an experiment in physics class where we launched a projectile from Point A (on the floor). The projectile obviously traveled in a parabolic motion and ended at Point B (on the floor again, so no difference in launching and landing heights).

    We measured the distance from Point A to Point B to be 5 meters. We timed the projectile to find that it took 2 seconds to travel from Point A to Point B.

    Here's my question: does dividing 5m by 2s give us overall initial velocity (v0) or just the initial velocity of the horizontal component (v0x)?
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    The 5m you measured was a horizontal distance, so 5m/2s can't possibly include any velocity in the y direction.
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