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Homework Help: Projectiles - how high is the ball

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    Can anyone help with these 2?

    I cant seem to figure out how to get the answer of 2.8m for this ...
    IF you throw a ball at an initial velocity of 26 m/s at an angle of 20 above the horizontal, how high above the projection point is the ball after 2.8 s?

    and also

    You drag a crat weighing 311 N across a floor by pulling on a rope attatched to the crate. You exert a force of 450N on the rope inclined at 38 degrees, and the floor exerts a horizontal force of 125 N, the acceleration is ....
    (do you add the forces, for total force? what do you do with the 38 degrees ?)
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    For the first one, what have you done? Have you split the components of velocity along the x-axis and y-axis?

    For the second one, have you learned about the resolution of forces along the x and y directions.

    If you have a book, try reading some example problems. This is very basic stuff.
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