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Homework Help: Proving row space column space

  1. Jun 21, 2011 #1
    A , B are nXn matrices
    t-is transpose
    prove that the space spanned by A's row equals the space spanned by A's columns
    i know that there dimentions are equals
    so in order to prove equality i need to prove that one is a part of the other
    how to do it?

    each column i of (AB)_i=A*B_i
    i was told by my proff that that column i of AB is a member from the span of the columns of A

    but i dont get this result
    suppose the member of B_i column is (c1,c2,..,cn)
    so the multiplication of A by the B_i column
    we get then the first member is dot product from the first row with (c1,c2,..,cn)
    i cant see how its a variation from the A columns?
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    yeah i think you're on the right track,
    A.B = A^T

    now consider a the kth column B, the vector B_k, which when multiplied with A yields the kth column of A_T, (A^T)_k
    A.B_k = (A^T)_k

    so the kth column of A^T is a linear combination of the columns of A, given by the components of B_k.
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